ReTread takes a comprehensive 90-day approach.

While many auto shops send out simple email reminders to loyal customers, these messages get lost in the shuffle. ReTread employs far more creative outreach methods, cutting through the hustle and bustle of daily life with regular reminders over a period of 90 days. Although they are expertly designed to capture attention, these reminders capture attention without pressuring or annoying your customers.

These proven techniques are so effective that Tread Partners can offer them at no risk to its clients. In fact, they so reliably produce a 10-to-1 ROI that ReTread is able to guarantee these results!


Tread’s new ReTread Program is a truly exceptional way
to welcome back previous customers.

As a one-time or ongoing program, ReTread provides auto repair and tire shops with a risk-free way to bring old customers back through their doors. Tread Partners guarantees each participant in ReTread an income of ten dollars for every dollar spent on this game-changing marketing program.

, That’s right. No tricks or gimmicks.

That’s right. No tricks or gimmicks.

The ReTread Program offers a guaranteed ROI of 10-to-1

ReTread is perfect for high-performing businesses that want to re-connect with customers they haven’t seen in a while. The inspiration for this exciting program came directly from an auto shop owner who realized that he hadn’t seen the familiar faces of several customers in quite some time. “In most cases,” says Tread Partners cofounder Neal Maier, “you simply need to remind these customers that you exist.”

Over the years, Tread Partners has gotten more and more creative with the marketing channels it uses and, ultimately, how it approaches getting a customer back. The ReTread program is a result of these extraordinary efforts.


“Tread Partners pulled it all together for me.

Tread’s help is invaluable for opening new locations!”

— Freddy Christensen, Action Gator Tire


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