Tread Partners
$209,300 Increase Revenue Generated from Lost Customers
321 Increase Customers Re-engaged in Just 90 Days
1916% Increase Return on Ad Spend

The Challenge

A Tread Partners multi-location client asked for
assistance in re-engaging their lost customer base
for 2022. Our Client had just wrapped up a
record-setting 2021 and was searching for
marketing campaigns to help ensure 2022 will
exceed last year’s revenue.



Re-engagement, or lost customer campaigns, target your ideal customers who haven’t been into a store over a defined time.

Re-engagement campaigns typically target those with average or above-average performance.

The value of targeting lost customers is obvious – enticing old customers who have a proven track record of profitability has a tremendous payoff.


After just 90 days from initial contact with our Client’s lost customers, we showed a 1,916% return on investment. From the initial group Of 2,531 missing customers, we reached 85% via targeted digital ads, emails, and direct mail.

The 90-day campaign, generated 321 returning customers who accounted for revenue of $209,300. An investment of $10,900 over 90 days ultimately generated a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 19.16. Based on the long-term impact of our ReTread campaign, we anticipate the return to continue to grow in the coming months.

Location Offer Returning Customers Revenue Campaign Investment
Location 1 Offer A 60 $72,649
Location 1 Offer B 21 $14,774
Location 1 Subtotal 81 $87,423 $6,555.80
Location 2 Offer A 119 $84,880
Location 2 Offer B 121 $36,997
Location 2 Subtotal 240 $121,877 $4,370.54
TOTAL 321 $209,300 $10,926.34


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“Would I recommend working with Tread?” Freddy asks.

“Well, their customer service is great, and our conversion rates are almost four times higher without any increase in cost. I think that speaks for itself.”

— Freddy, Multi-Location Owner


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